Instructions for the forum

New postings and reactions
Threads that have started after the last time you visited the forum, are marked with a 'N'. If the thread is not new, and there are new postings in the thread, it is marked with a 'R'.
Threads you haven't read are shown bold and in color.

Writing in the forum
The maximum number of characters in a message is 5000.
When you post a message, you have three choices:
- you can indicate you want an email message when a new posting is added in the thread you post in;
- you can indicate you want an email message whenever a new posting is added to the forum (this can lead to a lot of emails a day);
- in some fora you can place yourself on the mailinglist for information and news on the subject of the forum.
The first two choices are checked the first time you write in the forum, but if you uncheck them, they will be unchecked the next time.
If you receive mail, and you wish to stop it, you can manage this at the the link at the bottom of the mail.

Rules for the forum
No cheating, no threats - not in the forum, but also not in the email in private.
No texts in all capitals, it is like shouting.
No porn or links to pornographic sites.
No racism or deliberate hurting.
No links to illegal things (e.g. warez, illegal mp3, simlocks or what so ever).
No postings on subjects that have nothing to do with the forumsubject.
Fiercely and passionately discussing is OK, but show respect to everyone.
No repeated (commercial) postings or clandestine advertising. This forum is not a place for free advertising, but it is meant to exchange experiences, thoughts and opinions.
It is not allowed to refer to your own website/company in every posting (except personal homepages) and not allowed to mention this in every signature in your posting. You However, you can refer to a website if it fits in the topic and is mentioned in the text (NOT as topic).
Postings only meant to promote your own company, products or services are not allowed. They can be removed from the forum without warning.
Those who do not comply with the rules of the forum, get a warning first. Repeated violation of the rules will lead to a perminent block of the offender. This means he or she won't be able to write in the forum.